Sunday, January 16, 2011


Alice Clark

Click above to hear "I Keep It Hid."

I knew this article would be difficult to write, as there is just simply no information out there on this lovely lady of soul. Alice Clark's lone LP is an absolute classic among soul listeners, but where Clark came from, and where she's been since are a complete mystery. Her recording of Jimmy Webb's "I Keep It Hid" (also recorded by the post-Ross Supremes, and later by Linda Ronstadt) is a soaring piece of melancholy. Clark's vocals show both strength and vunerabilty.

Where is Alice Clark now? I wish I could tell you. If anyone out there knows, please clue me in!  In the meantime, we can still enjoy Clark's amazing LP (more songs will be featured in future blog posts.) The fact that Alice Clark didn't become a bona fide superstar is one of the great mysteries, and tragedies, of recorded music.

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