Sunday, January 23, 2011


(Click above to hear "One More Hurt.")

There's not a lot I can say here, other than, if you only ever listen to one song on this blog, "One More Hurt" should be the one! Marjorie Black seems to have vanished into the mysts of time, and from everything I've been able to uncover, this is her one and only known recording. That sad fact is a true tragedy. This woman can SING! Her voice is bigger than Big Mama Thornton's, and with such warmth and soul and grit. This is a song no one should go their entire life without hearing at least once.

And if anyone can shed some light on who Marjorie Black was, and what became of her, I'm all ears! This song is probably one of my top ten of all time. It's just THAT good!

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  1. Quite possibly she was the wife of jazz/classical composer and educator Gunther Schuller.