Sunday, January 23, 2011


Peter, Paul and Mary
(l to r: Peter Yarrow, Noel Paul Stookey, Mary Travers)
(Click above to hear "Power.")

From their days as folkies playing at The Bitter End, joining the March on Washington, to being arrested for Civil Disobedience while protesting Apartheid, Peter, Paul and Mary have never been afraid to make a statement. "Power" was recorded live, in protest of nuclear proliferation, asking the listener to remember a simpler time and that Mother Nature gives us everything we need. While never mentioning war explicitly, the warning undercurrent of the song calls into the question the motives of those who push so hard for nuclear power.

Peter, Paul and Mary had reuinted recently when this song was recorded, and they've lost none of their power as performers. The real genius of the group was their knack of having both a hard edge and a soft touch all at once. They draw listeners in with their beautiful melodies, making them think about the lyrics without ever really realizing it.

Peter, Paul and Mary remained a popular concert attraction for five decades, until their story sadly came to an end with the passing of Mary Travers. Their enormous body of work is staggering. Watch this blog for much, much more.

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